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From measurement automation to evaluation of results

  • Data acquisition systems
  • Measurement Automation
  • Industrial communication protocols
  • Special measurement configuration and electronic circuit design
  • Definition of measurement databases and structures
  • Test automation
  • Graphical User Interface design
  • Measurement data analyses and data retrieval

Sensor development

  • Conductivity sensors for the measurement of specific conductivity of ultra pure liquids
  • Inductive sensors for the measurement of layer thickness of ferromagnetic materials (magnetite layer thickness on stainless steel)
  • Capacitive sensors for the measurement of layer thickness of plastics on the surface of different metals
  • Magnetic fluid based sensors

Development of measurement methods

  • Laser light scattering measurement for the measurement of Rayliegh scattering of liquids
  • Magnetic susceptibility measurement of magnetic and inverse-magnetic fluids
  • Development of rotational rheometer for the viscosity measurement of magnetic and electro rheological fluids


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